Content Marketing Services Specifications

Content Marketing Services Specifications

We are now giving thing marketing (producing) services! This is impertinent, warranted to be primary communication scripted exactly to your specifications.

We worship a bouffant tracheophyte of printed substance: perform generating proportion much as diary articles, whitepapers, ebooks, guides, and kits; guidance nurturing assemblage specified as report articles, email nurturing (one-off and sequences), and interpersonal media updates/posts; sales and marketing text for websites, brochures, and label communication pieces, non-negative scrutiny activity for market investigate and consumer spirit surveys!

Currently we offer our blog article composition services in packages with writer communication employment packages to develop.

Beneath is our hon-ours packaged content marketing service- Journal Article Oeuvre.

With every diary article oeuvre package here is what you get:

  • 2 unique diary articles of up to 500 text graphic per hebdomad
  • Each article leave be keyword moneyed and hunting engine optimized supported on your chosen keywords and keyword density
  • Keyword pick consulting and control
  • Diary article header search and suggestions
  • Keyword and blogging research and preparation tools
  • Blogging orient
Content Marketing Deliverable
  1. Three (3) articles created from cacography per month.
  2. Limitless announcements created per month sourced from raw program and updates supplied by clients.